VW Club Dubrun

January 6th, 2010 | No Comments »

Well Dubrun has come and gone and it was an awesome trip! 23 cars in total took part in the run down to Durban and the run went down without a hitch. Everyone me at the crack of dawn at the petroport outside JHB and the run got going at 6:00 AM before the sun had even risen.

Jarred’s Mk2 was my favorite car of the run with its wide stance and clean looks. He also did a wicked Police sticker job with his blue tape that worked out really well. On arriving in Durban everyone parted ways and met up the next day to pay their respects to Gert who passed away the week before at the Durban drags. It was really moving to see the place that the accident took place and really made you think about how things like this could be prevented. That evening everyone met at the Dros for a few drinks and the next day was the Autostyle show. Here are a few pics from the run down to Durban.

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