And the winner is…

March 5th, 2010 | No Comments »

The winner of our Polo Selecta competition is Marc Addison. We really liked the overall clean look of his car, and the complimentary colour way. Here is what he had to say bout his build.

I chose to keep the car as original as possible and kept the original tail lights as well as the RX decal on the side as is was periodic as well as complimented the color scheme which was the Miami blue and black and blended well with the racy theme.

The wheels I chose were the Porsche cookie cutter design as the angular design of the wheels blended nicely with the angular design of the polo and the fact that it was from the earlier Porsche 911 s .I chose to color them black to compliment the RX decal as well as the overall color scheme as the bumpers and front spoiler are black as well

I chose the front spoiler as I was going for a race look and the moon roof to give it an air-cooled feel.

I chose to set the suspension so that the polo has a bit of a forward rake (if that’s what it’s called) to emphasize the lines of the car and to make it look sportier

The aerial I chose because it was reminiscent of earlier vws because of it being upright on the fender but shorter than the telescopic once again to blend in with the sporty feel

The color I chose because it went well with black as well as being one of the more uncommon old school vw colors

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