Dave’s US spec Bora

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In a day and age where most 4th gen VW’s are treated to brightly coloured wheels, excessive poke, and interiors that look like they have been trimmed in the owners pyjamas, Dave’s Bora cuts through the clutter like a razor blade.

Its often said that the 4th gen Golfs and Boras are the most common dubs on the scene these days, and as a result it is becoming increasingly difficult to make ones car stand out from the crowd. While many choose to go to extremes to get theirs looking unique, this car simply commands attention. A long list of subtle and tasteful mods a have resulted in an overall package that is hard as nails and a breath of fresh air all at the same time.

Starting life as an 8v, a 20VT now resides under the hood. The motor has been treated to an AGU Large Port block, Single Mass Flywheel Conversion, ECS Stage 1, 3″ stainless downpipe, decat, and exhaust. Boost is diverted through a Forge 007p diverter Valve, Silicone breather pipes, Silicone turbo intake pipe, as well as a Cone filter/Stainless pipework. Finally Dave sent it in for a re map ensuring all that hardware can be put to good use.

The exterior has been treated to a host of US spec parts including, US Front Bumper, US Front Rubstrip, US Rear Bumper, US Rear Rubstrip, US Yellow/Amber Side Markers, US Yellow/Amber Side Indicators, GLI Bootlid, GLI Rear lights, and Lupo Stubby mirrors.

Rolling Stock are a set of OZ fittipaldi’s. The polished 5 spokes are built up as 17×8.5 ET52 with 25mm spacers (205/45/17) in the front, and 17×9 ET 56 with 25mm spacers (215/45/17) at the rear. Dave has said he is thinking about splitting them and going wider over the winter, but if you ask us he has it sitting dead right as it is. You only have to look at the pic above to see its hard to fault the fitment as it stands.

Dave’s latest mod is an air ride kit fitted by Plush Automotive. Drive low park lower is definitely how the Bora gets from A to B, and while driving between shots the car was lifted barely an inch from how you see it in the pics. The rear beam has also been polybushed to help keep things tight in the suspension department.

Inside the cabin the car has been treated to Mk4 colour concept Recaros, an R32 Gear Knob, pedals, door handles, and clocks. Net optic trim, a Momo team 280mm steering wheel, US centre console, deleted petrol flap release button, W8 light, as well as a host of other black interior parts.

Dave has done a great job building what is in our opinion one of the nicest Boras doing the rounds at the moment. He has bucked the trends of bright paint and excess, and instead put a car together that really holds its own as a complete package. Its a job well done, and by the sounds of it there is much more to come for this car as well. We cant wait to see what he does next…

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