Jonny’s 6N2 Polo

March 4th, 2012 | No Comments »

The first time I saw Jonny’s car was about a year ago at one of the local DNE meets, and since then we have been chatting on and off about getting a shoot done. First of all Jonny had a few things he wanted to finish off before we did the shoot, then winter rolled around and the car was put into winter mode, but last weekend with spring on the way and the car back together we finally managed to make it happen.

So last Sunday we headed down to a location near the quayside to finally get some shots of the car. Following the Polo to the spot really brought home what a solid build Jonny has put together. Rolling over the Tyne Bridge and into the city the Polo really had a strong presence about it, and after reaching the abandoned warehouse where the shoot was taking place I finally got to have a good look at the car.

With loads of Polo’s around its not often you see one that really jumps out at you, but Jonny’s 6N2 certainly did the first time we saw it almost a year ago. The Canyon red paint is something you don’t see every day, and combined with a list a tasteful mods the car really stood out from all the others parked around it. Since then Jonny has continued to make subtle mods to the car all of which continue to improve on an already good car. Sitting well on a set of Zender Turbos the Polo’s exterior is complimented by a honey comb grill, stubby ariel, smoothed front rub strip, GTI splitter, and the mandatory debadeged boot lid. The Recaro interior looks perfect inside the car and brings the whole package together.

Now that he has taken the car as far as he would like Jonny is now turning his hand to a new project. Going by what he has done with the Polo we have no doubt that whatever he drives next will be an awesome car. We cant wait to see what he does next.

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