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January 6th, 2010 | No Comments »

Here at the Highway Collective we pride ourselves on producing original VW enthusiast apparel and clothing. All of our products are designed in house and are available online through our online store.

“Benchmark” T-shirt:

The Benchmark T-shirt is dedicated to the Legendary BBS RS wheel. Love it or hate it there is no denying that this wheel is the one that all others are judged by.

“Hard Slam” T-shirt:

The “Hard Slam” T-shirt is a nod to all those folks rolling with static suspension. Going low on coils is a love & hate relationship, and thats what this shirt is all about.

“Legends Never Die” T-shirt:

The “Legends never die” T-shirt is dedicated to the MK1 golf. A car that stands out for many VW fans as the one the set the water cooled scene in motion. A true Legend in both the VW and motoring world.

“In we trust” T-shirt:

The “In the Trust” T-shirt T-shirt is all about keeping it clean and simple. Its a shirt that reflects the OEM+ styling which sets the VW scene apart from so many others.

“CSL” T-Shirt:

The “CSL” T-shirt is all about the daily drive. More door, less power, and most often more fun then the moth balled show car.

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